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Chances are, if you are a college student, your spring break has already passed, and hopefully you have survived…

But, if by any chance you have not gone away yet, or need some guidance for next year, we wanted to give you a warning about some places you should avoid if you want to come back intact!



1. Australia- Definitely avoid Australia! Sure, it’s beautiful. There are plenty of beaches, surfing, beautiful people, and awesome accents, but there are many dangers lurking in this country that spell disaster for all you spring-breakers. If you plan on taking a road trip across the continent you might be kidnapped and tortured by a sick and twisted man, like in Wolf Creek, or you may end up stalked by a crazy truck driving serial killer a la Road Games. If you decide to avoid the road and explore the water instead, you might become the victim of an angry crocodile as in Black Water and Rogue. Or if you take your chances in the outback you’ll want to avoid the vicious wild boars (Razorback), and even Mother Nature herself (Long Weekend). Danger lurks around every corner.

Shark Fin


2. Any Body of Water- Going somewhere warm and close to the water is a very popular spring break destination. Don’t do it!!!! Oceans, lakes, pools…. these are all terrible places to vacation! Want to be a victim of a shark attack (Jaws, Open Water, The Reef)? Or a victim of other man-eating water-dwelling creatures (Piranha, Lake Placid)? Well. okay then, if that’s your cup of tea…go for it! Think you’ll be safer in a pool? Think again. You might be sucked to the bottom, and have your intestines pulled out of your body (The Final Destination), or end up swimming with a pile of skeletons (Poltergeist)!  Water=danger!



3. Mexico- Mexico seems like another warm and tropical place to go! There are all sorts of interesting things to do, but again- don’t do it!!! Seeing ancient Mayan ruins may seem like an exciting adventure, until you become the victim of man-eating plants whose curse turns the locals against you (The Ruins). If you decide to avoid visiting ancient ruins, and instead hang out in town, beware, as you may get kidnapped, tortured, and sacrified by a crazy cult (Borderland).  Mexico not only has man-eating plants and cults, but you’d also want to avoid the cannibals (We Are What We Are) and even aliens (Monsters) if you want to make it home alive!



4. Islands around the world- Sure, the seclusion of an island sounds ideal for a lot of people. You can get away from it all, and not be connected to the craziness of the mainland, but that peaceful seclusion could quickly turn to dangerous isolation! Killer kids (Who Can Kill a Child?), insane religious cults (The Wicker Man), crazy scientists (Island of Lost Souls, The Island of Dr. Moreau), and deranged rednecks (Storm Warning), are just some of the horrific situations that may await you. You won’t appreciate the secluded surroundings for long!


5. Louisiana- Sure, there are many places in the US to avoid (i.e. Texas and West Virginia), but I think Louisiana is the one to avoid. Sure, you may go want to go for the delicious food, parade-like atmosphere, fun music scene or historic architecture, but not only do you have the threat of voodoo and hoodoo going against you (The Skeleton Key), but you also have Satanic cults to avoid (The Last Exorcism), more rednecks and hungry crocodiles (Eaten Alive), and deformed creatures looking for revenge (Hatchet).

So there you have it! Five places to avoid on spring break. So where are you going to go? Might I suggest Montana, or Canada, or Holland… you might be safer there….maybe….

Disclaimer: This is my top 10 horror movie list of 2009 as of now.  There are many horror movies released in 2009 that I have not seen, so this list may change in the future, but as of now these are the films that I enjoyed most, either watching at home or in a theater if I was lucky.  I know that many will not agree with me, maybe some of my top movies will be on other’s “worst of” lists, but wouldn’t the world be boring if everyone else’s opinion were exactly the same as yours?
By the way, I did struggle with making this list, and there are some movies that I wasn’t sure whether to add or not as they technically were not originally released in 2009.  As you can see, I did add a couple of movies to this list that were finished, and were seen by the lucky prior to 2009.  A couple of movies that I debated adding to this list were The Children which was released in December of 2008 in the UK and Let the Right One In which premiered in Sweden in January of 2008.  I suppose that since they both were unavailable in the USA until 2009 they should have qualified, but since I’ve already written this list, and I am lazy, I will just give them a shout out here!
  1. Trick ‘R Treat– I’m including this movie because, while actually being finished for about 2 years, it finally got a wide release on DVD.  I ordered this movie as soon as it was released, and I did not regret it one bit, the only thing I regret is that I was not able to view it in theaters.  I watched this movie about 5 times during the month of October alone, and every time I gained more of an appreciation for it.  This movie will become a staple in my Halloween movie viewings.  Trick ‘R Treat only improves on multiple screenings, as every time you watch it, you will see something new.  It also contains one of my favorite lines of the year- “Charlie Brown’s an asshole!”  It just makes me laugh every time.

2. Zombieland – It’s about time another ZomCom came out that lives (somewhat) up to Shaun of the Dead.  I had a great time watching this movie, laughing out loud for much of it, and it’s a movie that I would have happily viewed multiple times in the theater (if only I had the funds).  This movie employed smart characters who did not hesitate to blow the heads off zombies when push came to shove, and also gave rules on how to stay alive in a zombie-filled world.  I also loved the cameo from Bill Murray, it was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time.

3. Drag Me to Hell – A fun new horror movie from Sam Raimi, I thought the over-the-top-ness of this movie was exciting, and fun, and very disgusting.  Raimi’s obsession with bodily fluids in this movie was quite sickening, and really made me feel like gagging a few times, and if this was his goal (which I think it was), he succeeded very well.  Alison Lohman did a great job playing a girl who just wants to succeed at her job, and unfortunately has the task of saying “NO” to a repulsive old gypsy who has defaulted on her payments too many times.  I really feel bad for her, as she was just trying to do her job, and now she is doomed to be dragged to hell.  I wish that douchbag that she worked with had been cursed instead.  He really deserved it for being a jerk to her when she did a nice thing and got him his sandwich.

4. Paranormal Activity – Now, like Trick ‘R Treat, this movie has been out for a couple of years, playing at festivals and such, and finally, through word of mouth, this low-budget movie was finally able to get a wide release.  Like The Blair Witch Project, this movie is a low-budget found footage film that asks us to believe that what we are seeing actually happened, and this is the footage that was taken amaturely of the event in question.  I had very high hopes before seeing this movie due to the hype I was hearing about it, and ultimately I felt that it succeeded in living up to the hype.  I am a big fan of haunted house movies, and I liked that this movie took place in a normal house, that could be yours or mine, similar to the normal house that was haunted in Poltergeist.  I feel that this movie worked well especially in the bedroom scenes because I was on the edge of my seat during the scenes, with all my attention focused on seeing a little bit of movement, and so when that movement happened, or something made a noise, it really affected me because all my senses were heightened.  I liked the gradual escalation of the haunting, and I especially liked that the haunting was happening to the girl, not the house, because that made it plausible as to why they couldn’t just leave to make it stop.  I do admit though that Micah made me really mad due to his macho-ness and desire to take care of the situation himself- if only he had listened to his girlfriend and the demonologist.

5, Friday the 13th – Now as the 11th film in the Friday the 13th series (12th if you count Freddy Vs. Jason), this remake had a lot to live up to.  Especially after Jason X!! J This movie isn’t exactly a remake, as it only briefly touches on Jason’s mother as being the original killer.  It is more of a re-introduction of Jason as a territorial killer, who will kill anyone who strays into his neck of the woods.  This movie had some exciting death scenes, some funny and likeable characters (my favorite being Aaron Yoo as Chewie the “wood wizard”, and it brings us back to Camp Crystal Lake after Manhattan, Hell, and Space.

6. My Bloody Valentine 3D – My favorite Winchester brother, Jensen Ackles, stars in this slasher about a man who returns to his hometown 10 years after a Valentine’s day massacre, only to have the killing start back up.  I really enjoyed this movie, and even though I have seen the original, it did keep me guessing.  I really enjoyed that the movie began with a bang, and did not waste any time in getting to the massacring. I will definitely never look at a heart-shaped candy box the same way again.  I will always be afraid that there will be a nice bloody heart in it instead of candy.

7. The Final Destination 3D – As the fourth film in the Final Destination saga, this movie didn’t really break any new ground as a story, but as the first one in 3-D it did add that little something that this series was missing.  This series has always been about the elaborate steps that Death will take to kill you if you are able to somehow escape him, and those steps usually involve something flying out of nowhere and killing you, so with 3-D, the audience is now able to experience the thrill of having something seem like it is flying right at us!!  I think that the other three movies should now be adapted for 3-D, because this is the type of movie that only benefits from this awesome technology.  I know some people get tired of the jump scares, and the flying objects, but I rather enjoyed myself, and had a great time viewing this in the theater.  Now I just need a 3-D television so I can repeat the viewing experience at home.

8. The Hills Run Red – This was one of the more original horror movies I’ve seen in a long time.  This movie had me from the opening scene in which a kid cuts off his own face and then straps a porcelain baby face to the mess that was once his own flesh.  The Hills Run Red is about a guy who is obsessed with finding a lost horror movie, that was released in theaters and then pulled immediately due to its graphic nature, and is now lost.  His quest to find this film lands him and his friends in a lot of trouble.  This is one of the most gruesome movies I have seen in a long time, it’s well acted, and I felt that its twist was quite surprising as well.

9. The Last House on the Left ­ – I will admit that I was a little worried about seeing this movie, as I was scarred for life after I saw the original a few years ago.  It was one of the most disturbing movies I have ever seen, after Lolita and The Land Before Time.  However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that there had been some updates made to the movie, and while still disturbing, it is now much more watchable.  I love that in movie the parents of the girl who has been raped and left for dead, take their revenge on the gang that did this horrible deed.  They are able to turn their role as victims around and instead become the assailants.

10. Grace – Another great, original horror movie that was not released in theaters this year was Paul Solet’s Grace.  This movie concerns a woman who is pregnant with her first child when tragedy strikes.  Her husband and unborn child are killed in a car accident.  She is told she should induce labor and deliver the child, but she instead decides to carry it to term, and give birth naturally even though it will be heartbreaking.  When the child, Grace, is born however, she miraculously starts to breathe.  There is something off about the baby though, she attracts flies, and would rather drink blood than milk.   While this movie is disturbing and heartbreaking, it is worth watching if you can stomach it.  Grace is a well-made, well-acted, and original horror film, in a genre in which it is hard to find novel ideas.  I very much enjoyed this film, although it’s one that I would not be able to watch every day.