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School is almost out for summer, and so in honor of the end of the school year and the start of the lazy days of summer (for those lucky enough to not have to work) I wanted to share some of my favorite high school horror movies. High School can be a terrifying place as it is, but throw in aliens, serial killers, and witches, and it becomes an even more dangerous place to be.

So without further ado, some of my favorite high school horror movies:

The Faculty (1998)

The Faculty


Directed by Robert Rodriguez

This tale of an alien invasion is one of my favorite sci-fi films- kind of a cross between a couple of other favorites (Invasion of the Body Snatchers and The Thing). Imagine seeing all your classmates and teachers being replaced by weird (but identical) versions of themselves…who really want to shove disgusting creatures in your ears. How awful would that be? High school seems like the perfect place from which to start an invasion of the world.

Scream (1996)



Directed by Wes Craven

Of course I would have to include Scream on this list as I pretty much find a way to include it on all my lists of favorite horror films. We don’t see much of Sidney, Tatum, Randy and the rest of the Scream gang in their high school habitat, but we see enough to know they go to school with some mean girls, and have pretty much the coolest principal to roam the planet… and those high schoolers can throw some awesome parties!

The Craft (1996)



Directed by Andrew Fleming

High school is a tough place to be, especially for the new kid, so when you find a group that accepts you and makes you feel like you belong, you stick with the group, even if they are wannabe witches. Sarah and her friends feel justified when they cast spells that deal with the high school jerk who lies about girls to his friends, and the racist mean girls who take pleasure in causing others mental anguish…. But being a witch isn’t always fun and games when it’s taken too far.

Carrie (1976)



Directed by Brian De Palma

Carrie has an extremely tough life in both her home life, and at school. Living with her crazy religious mother, and pegged as an outcast because she doesn’t fit in with her classmates, she is made fun of on probably a daily basis. Carrie has to deal with the cruelest of all high schoolers who gets joy out of playing cruel jokes on poor Carrie. Her salvation comes in the form of the discovery of her telekinetic ability, but this also proves to be her downfall.

The Loved Ones (2009)



Directed by Sean Byrne

Prom can be a stressful event in the life of a teenager. If your desired prom date rejects you, it might cause some mental anguish…. Or if you are a bit deranged, and convinced that a certain guy is the prince you’ve been looking for, you might go a little farther than a normal person… Having your dad capture him, and forcing him to be your date at your own private prom.

Prom Night (1990)



Directed by Paul Lynch

Speaking of proms… How could I not include this movie, which has one of my favorite dance scenes known to man… Disco and horror were meant for each other. This slasher classic, while really not a good movie by any measure (except for that amazing dance sequence and great opening scene), is still one of my favorites for nostalgic reasons.  Creepy phone calls, menacing notes, and murder, make prom night an even more stressful night that it normally is.

Halloween H2O (1998)

Directed by Steve Miner



Boarding school must be a tough place, especially when your headmaster is Michael Myer’s sister. To be stuck in a secluded high school, far away from home, with a mass murderer out to get you, has to be pretty stressful experience… Far more stressful than having an overprotective mom that won’t let you go on a student camping trip.

Dance of the Dead (2008)



Zombie and prom don’t mix well. You already are worried about impressing your date, trying not to dance too awkwardly, and trying not to act dorky… Isn’t that enough? Zombies just mess everything up… They’re much more into eating brains, than dancing.

Jennifer’s Body (2009)



Directed by Karyn Kusama

What do you do when your best friend suddenly turns into a murderous demon? High school friendships can be hard enough without having to worry about whether you should ignore your friend’s sudden cannibalistic tendencies, or whether you should do something about it.

Detention (2011)



Directed by Joseph Kahn

This quirky film is not totally horror, but has enough slasher elements to keep to horror crowd happy. Dressed as the villain from a fictional horror film- Cinderhella- someone is murdering students from Grizzly Lake… But who? And why? And what does it have to do with time travel, a stuffed bear, and the destruction of the world? …and of course, there is a prom in this film as well. Prom and horror are just a match made in heaven.

Do you have any high school horror favorites of your own?

Well, it’s a day late, but this is a new feature I hope to have up on Saturdays, highlighting some of the scariest, funniest, or most memorable moments of movies I watched during the week in a series of screenshots.

Black Sabbath

Little kids are so creepy!

Why don't we hang decapitated heads outside our houses any more?

Super creepy dolls

More dolls!

and more......Why so many dolls?

The Craft

Is this John Bender's locker?

Neve, give Skeet his grease back!

Yay, we killed a man!

Indiana Jones would not be happy

Remind me never to cross Rochelle!



Why does she have this program, and more importantly, did she have a killer in the house before?

I wasn't aware Dunkin' Donuts delivered to California

Did Kevin McCalister booby trap this house?


I wonder if Scream holds the record for the amount of times a phone is used as a weapon in a movie

Yummm, cheetos!

A new feature in which I will watch a double feature every Friday.  The two features will be connected in some way- by director, actor, theme, setting, etc.  I will post something on the double feature I watch- movie connections and similarities, thoughts on each…sometimes it’ll be short, sometimes long, depending on motivation/time/level of sleep deprivation, etc

I’m kicking off this new feature with a double dose of 90’s horror.  Our features tonight will be Scream and The Craft, both starring Neve Campbell and Skeet Ulrich, and both from 1996.

The Craft (1996)

Directed by Andrew Fleming (Bad Dreams, Dick)

“Relax….It’s only magic….”

In The Craft, Sarah (Robin Tunney), has just moved, and is starting at a new high school.  She catches the attention of some wannabe witches, Nancy (Fairuza Balk), Bonnie (Neve Campbell), and Rochelle (Rachel True).  Each has an issue in school- Nancy is white trash, Bonnie has burns covering a large percentage of her body, and Rochelle is discriminated against by Laura Lizzie (Christine Taylor).  After her love interest Chris (Skeet Ulrich) spreads cruel rumors about  Sarah sleeping with him, she joins the witches coven.  These four invoke the power of Manon, and each ask for something- Rochelle asks to not hate those who hate her, Bonnie asks to be beautiful outside as well as within, Sarah asks to love herself more and to be loved more by others, and Nancy asks for all the powers of Manon.  Well of course this works, and things start happening to our now actual witches.  Not everything about the wishes ends up being so great though, and Sarah decides that she needs to stop her friends, especially Nancy.  What happens next?  Well, I don’t want to spoil it for you if you’ve never seen it.

Scream (1996)

Directed by Wes Craven (The Last House on the Left, The Hills Have Eyes, A Nightmare on Elm Street)

“Someone’s taken their love of scary movies one step too far!”

Scream was released later the same year, and also stars Neve Campbell and Skeet Ulrich, thus our double feature.  With this self-aware slasher, Wes Craven is credited with reigniting the slasher/horror genres.  In short, this movie is about a serial killer who begins targeting (mostly) teenagers in the quiet town of Woodsboro, a year after the death of Maureen Prescott, Sidney Prescott’s (Neve Campbell) mother.  A strange man is calling up his victims, and terrorizing them on the telephone.  Sidney is one of the first would-be victims, but is able to stop her attacker.  She then accuses her boyfriend Billy (Skeet Ulrich) after he appears at her window during this attack.  He is released the next day after the phone records to Sidney’s house exonerate him.  After a few murders, a curfew is imposed, and Stu (Matthew Lillard) throws a party at his parent’s house.  More murders ensue.  This whodonit/slasher/comedy is a horror movie that points out the rules of the slasher, and gives shout outs to many horror films that came before it.

Thoughts on the double feature

Some SPOILERS follow

–        Although these two movies are different sub-genres of the horror film, there are some similarities.  Obviously I chose these two because they both star Neve Campbell and Skeet Ulrich, and they were also both released in 1996

–        Skeet Ulrich appears in all his greasy hair glory, although he is much less greasy in The Craft, I suppose it is because his hair is shorter, and in each he has issues getting girls to sleep with him, and he’s kind of a jerk about it when they don’t

–        Skeet Ulrich appears outside out main characters window late at night in both.  In The Craft he just sits outside the window on a ledge, and says that he can’t stop thinking about Sarah, and in Scream, he enters Sidney’s room, and says that he was watching TV (The Exorcist) and got to thinking about his and Sidney’s relationship

–        Both take place with characters in high school, and both include a scene where our main protagonist hides in a bathroom

–        In each, the protagonist has lost her mother- In The Craft, Sarah lost her mother when she dies giving birth to her, and in Scream, Sidney’s mother was murdered

–        In each, Neve Campbell’s character has gone through some sort of traumatic experience- In The Craft she suffered severe burns, and in Scream her mother has been murdered

–        In each, there is a huge house party thrown that our characters attend

–        In each, the main villain tries to pin a murder-suicide on our protagonist.  In The Craft, Nancy tries to make it look like Sarah has killed herself, and was the one who killed Chris.  In Scream, Billy and Stu want to make it seem that Sidney’s father was the murderer, and at the end of his murder spree kills himself and Sidney in a murder-suicide (obviously neither of these plans work out)

–        In each movie poor Skeet Ulrich dies

Other random thoughts

–        In The Craft, when Sarah is braiding Laura Lizzie’s hair into Rochelle’s hair for a spell, she makes a comment about Laura having split ends, and apparently this means that she does not have natural blond hair, but instead bleaches it….ummm, what?  I wasn’t aware that having split ends means you dye your hair- I have natural blond hair AND I have split ends, but yet I have never dyed my hair…..what am I doing wrong!!!????

–        Another movie connection- This is the second movie in a row in which Robin Tunney has tried to commit suicide, although in The Craft she says that she used a kitchen knife, unlike Empire Records where she uses a pink Bic plastic razor with daisies on it….Also, according to IMDb she had to wear a wig for this movie, due to the fact that she shaved her head for Empire Records