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Billy and Stu look like your average high-schoolers, well, maybe ones that have stayed back a few years.  They don’t seem like dangerous guys.  They have lots of friends, are well-liked, both have devoted girlfriends, and they live in a nice, wealthy town, based on the houses we see in the movie!!  Underneath the surface though lurk malice, unstableness, and murderous desires.  Now Billy’s motive is revenge, as he blames Sidney’s mother has for led to the downfall of his family.  He and Stu have already murdered her mother, and now they want to massacre a few others, with the finale being Sidney and her father.  Stu doesn’t have a motive.  He tells Sidney that it’s peer pressure, he’s far too sensitive, and he was dragged into this by Billy.  They both seem to have had a lot of fun planning these murders, coming up with a creative costume, and well thought-out plot.  Adding to the fun is the fact that they have watched a lot of horror movies, and are basing their plan of attack on what happens in the movies.

What makes Billy and Stu so scary is that they are just nice seemingly normal kids.  They could be your next door neighbors.  They are not loners, they don’t dress all in black, they don’t display the average signs of depression, or hostility toward others.  Basically, they don’t fit the mold that the media has laid out for us about what to look for in a psychotic person.  What also makes them scary are the lengths they go to in their plan of massacre.  This is not a crime of passion, but rather a well thought out plot to kill a lot of people, pin the murders on someone else, and then plan a sequel where they can kill more people.  They seem to enjoy being the source of destruction and fear.  They still behave naturally after murders are committed.  Stu is still a constant joker, and they never show any remorse.  The closest either one of them gets to remorse, is when Stu is handed the phone, after they have told Sidney of their plot, and she has escaped, and turned the tables on them.  He then says that his mother and father are going to be so mad at them.  He still doesn’t seem to be sorry about any of the murders though.  And Billy never shows remorse once.  They are psychopaths who seem like well-adjusted youths, and this is terrifying.