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Happy Mother’s Day horror fans! Today I wanted to bring you a list of some memorable not-so-motherly mothers in horror to celebrate this day! Hopefully your own mothers are as wonderful as mine is, and aren’t like the mothers who follow!

1. Pamela Voorhees– One of the most memorable murderous mothers in horror, in Friday the 13th Mrs. Voorhees sliced and diced her way through a bunch of camp counselors in revenge for letting her son drown. It didn’t matter that these particular counselors had nothing to do with it- obviously all camp counselors are irresponsible from her point of view and deserve to die! She was just watching out for her very special son, Jason, so in actuality she was a pretty good mom.

2. Mrs. White– Now, in Carrie, Mrs. White didn’t actually murder anyone per se, but she might as well get the blame as she was one of the main culprits in driving her daughter, Carrie, crazy. Now obviously her awful peers pushed her over the edge, but Mrs. White’s brand of punishment was not the best choice for any child, especially a telekinetic one. No child should be locked in a closet, be forbidden from expressing herself, and be forbidden from going to a school dance…. And she especially failed in teaching Carrie about the basic biology of being a woman. Without her support it was just a matter of time before Carrie acted out, and when you have the powers that Carrie did, it just leads to unheard of destruction.

3. Mrs. Cosgrove– Another memorable mother, the mother in Braindead (aka Dead Alive) wins the contest for one of the grossest mothers in horror. After she’s bitten by a disgusting rat monkey, she becomes infected with a horrible disease that causes her body parts to fall off, then dies and becomes a zombie, and then something even more horrible. She is a manipulative mother in life, and in death isn’t any better.

4. Mrs. Bates– While Mrs. Bates doesn’t actually appear in Psycho, we can gather that she wasn’t the best mother in the world, even though Norman states that “a boy’s best friend is his mother”. The character of Mrs. Bates is memorable nonetheless whether she’s a he, and actually a split personality of her son, or the skeletal version of herself.

5. Mrs. Morgan– While not having too much of a role in The Ring, Samara’s mother stands out to me as another not-so-great mother. While Samara may have been evil, killing your daughter and throwing her body in a well is probably not the best solution to the problem. Now stuck in an eerie killer video, the problem of Samara’s evil has just been exacerbated.

6. Dr. Dakota Block– Leaving your son alone In a car with a gun is probably not the most responsible thing to do, and the mother dearly pays in Planet Terror. One should never leave their child with a loaded weapon- they just might blow their head off. Not very good parenting!!

7. Diane Freeling– The mother in Poltergeist is actually a pretty good mother, the most motherly on this list probably, but she does a couple irresponsible things in Poltergeist that stand out. Smoking pot in bed with your children in the house is probably a big no-no, and also using your daughter when experimenting with strange phenomena is not the best idea… Even though it looked super fun!

What mothers stand out to you in horror films? We’d love to know!!

Mrs. Voorhees is one scary lady.  She is hell-bent on revenge due to the drowning of her only son, Jason.  Poor Jason wasn’t like other children, he was special.  He was made fun of, and ignored, and finally may have drowned in Crystal Lake as a child due to the negligence of the camp counselors.  (Or she may just have thought he drowned, depending on your interpretation of the Friday the 13th series.)  Either way, Pamela Voorhees believes that her child is dead, and her actions are completely justified in her mind.     Mrs. Voorhees wasn’t satisfied by killing the original camp counselors. She will kill any camp counselor who steps foot in Camp Crystal Lake.  Ultimately she is just trying to get her justice for Jason’s death.  She sees all these counselors as evil, and negligent, and is doing what she thinks is best, even if she has to resort to homicide.  Her weapon of choice is the machete, and eventually she is killed with her own weapon, but not before getting her revenge on a multitude of camp counselors.  In some ways she is a sympathetic character.  She is not killing just for the sake of killing, but in order to avenge her son’s death.

Body Count: 9

Weapon of Choice: The machete.  She also likes arrows, and axes.

Habitat: Camp Crystal Lake

Disclaimer: This is my top 10 horror movie list of 2009 as of now.  There are many horror movies released in 2009 that I have not seen, so this list may change in the future, but as of now these are the films that I enjoyed most, either watching at home or in a theater if I was lucky.  I know that many will not agree with me, maybe some of my top movies will be on other’s “worst of” lists, but wouldn’t the world be boring if everyone else’s opinion were exactly the same as yours?
By the way, I did struggle with making this list, and there are some movies that I wasn’t sure whether to add or not as they technically were not originally released in 2009.  As you can see, I did add a couple of movies to this list that were finished, and were seen by the lucky prior to 2009.  A couple of movies that I debated adding to this list were The Children which was released in December of 2008 in the UK and Let the Right One In which premiered in Sweden in January of 2008.  I suppose that since they both were unavailable in the USA until 2009 they should have qualified, but since I’ve already written this list, and I am lazy, I will just give them a shout out here!
  1. Trick ‘R Treat– I’m including this movie because, while actually being finished for about 2 years, it finally got a wide release on DVD.  I ordered this movie as soon as it was released, and I did not regret it one bit, the only thing I regret is that I was not able to view it in theaters.  I watched this movie about 5 times during the month of October alone, and every time I gained more of an appreciation for it.  This movie will become a staple in my Halloween movie viewings.  Trick ‘R Treat only improves on multiple screenings, as every time you watch it, you will see something new.  It also contains one of my favorite lines of the year- “Charlie Brown’s an asshole!”  It just makes me laugh every time.

2. Zombieland – It’s about time another ZomCom came out that lives (somewhat) up to Shaun of the Dead.  I had a great time watching this movie, laughing out loud for much of it, and it’s a movie that I would have happily viewed multiple times in the theater (if only I had the funds).  This movie employed smart characters who did not hesitate to blow the heads off zombies when push came to shove, and also gave rules on how to stay alive in a zombie-filled world.  I also loved the cameo from Bill Murray, it was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time.

3. Drag Me to Hell – A fun new horror movie from Sam Raimi, I thought the over-the-top-ness of this movie was exciting, and fun, and very disgusting.  Raimi’s obsession with bodily fluids in this movie was quite sickening, and really made me feel like gagging a few times, and if this was his goal (which I think it was), he succeeded very well.  Alison Lohman did a great job playing a girl who just wants to succeed at her job, and unfortunately has the task of saying “NO” to a repulsive old gypsy who has defaulted on her payments too many times.  I really feel bad for her, as she was just trying to do her job, and now she is doomed to be dragged to hell.  I wish that douchbag that she worked with had been cursed instead.  He really deserved it for being a jerk to her when she did a nice thing and got him his sandwich.

4. Paranormal Activity – Now, like Trick ‘R Treat, this movie has been out for a couple of years, playing at festivals and such, and finally, through word of mouth, this low-budget movie was finally able to get a wide release.  Like The Blair Witch Project, this movie is a low-budget found footage film that asks us to believe that what we are seeing actually happened, and this is the footage that was taken amaturely of the event in question.  I had very high hopes before seeing this movie due to the hype I was hearing about it, and ultimately I felt that it succeeded in living up to the hype.  I am a big fan of haunted house movies, and I liked that this movie took place in a normal house, that could be yours or mine, similar to the normal house that was haunted in Poltergeist.  I feel that this movie worked well especially in the bedroom scenes because I was on the edge of my seat during the scenes, with all my attention focused on seeing a little bit of movement, and so when that movement happened, or something made a noise, it really affected me because all my senses were heightened.  I liked the gradual escalation of the haunting, and I especially liked that the haunting was happening to the girl, not the house, because that made it plausible as to why they couldn’t just leave to make it stop.  I do admit though that Micah made me really mad due to his macho-ness and desire to take care of the situation himself- if only he had listened to his girlfriend and the demonologist.

5, Friday the 13th – Now as the 11th film in the Friday the 13th series (12th if you count Freddy Vs. Jason), this remake had a lot to live up to.  Especially after Jason X!! J This movie isn’t exactly a remake, as it only briefly touches on Jason’s mother as being the original killer.  It is more of a re-introduction of Jason as a territorial killer, who will kill anyone who strays into his neck of the woods.  This movie had some exciting death scenes, some funny and likeable characters (my favorite being Aaron Yoo as Chewie the “wood wizard”, and it brings us back to Camp Crystal Lake after Manhattan, Hell, and Space.

6. My Bloody Valentine 3D – My favorite Winchester brother, Jensen Ackles, stars in this slasher about a man who returns to his hometown 10 years after a Valentine’s day massacre, only to have the killing start back up.  I really enjoyed this movie, and even though I have seen the original, it did keep me guessing.  I really enjoyed that the movie began with a bang, and did not waste any time in getting to the massacring. I will definitely never look at a heart-shaped candy box the same way again.  I will always be afraid that there will be a nice bloody heart in it instead of candy.

7. The Final Destination 3D – As the fourth film in the Final Destination saga, this movie didn’t really break any new ground as a story, but as the first one in 3-D it did add that little something that this series was missing.  This series has always been about the elaborate steps that Death will take to kill you if you are able to somehow escape him, and those steps usually involve something flying out of nowhere and killing you, so with 3-D, the audience is now able to experience the thrill of having something seem like it is flying right at us!!  I think that the other three movies should now be adapted for 3-D, because this is the type of movie that only benefits from this awesome technology.  I know some people get tired of the jump scares, and the flying objects, but I rather enjoyed myself, and had a great time viewing this in the theater.  Now I just need a 3-D television so I can repeat the viewing experience at home.

8. The Hills Run Red – This was one of the more original horror movies I’ve seen in a long time.  This movie had me from the opening scene in which a kid cuts off his own face and then straps a porcelain baby face to the mess that was once his own flesh.  The Hills Run Red is about a guy who is obsessed with finding a lost horror movie, that was released in theaters and then pulled immediately due to its graphic nature, and is now lost.  His quest to find this film lands him and his friends in a lot of trouble.  This is one of the most gruesome movies I have seen in a long time, it’s well acted, and I felt that its twist was quite surprising as well.

9. The Last House on the Left ­ – I will admit that I was a little worried about seeing this movie, as I was scarred for life after I saw the original a few years ago.  It was one of the most disturbing movies I have ever seen, after Lolita and The Land Before Time.  However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that there had been some updates made to the movie, and while still disturbing, it is now much more watchable.  I love that in movie the parents of the girl who has been raped and left for dead, take their revenge on the gang that did this horrible deed.  They are able to turn their role as victims around and instead become the assailants.

10. Grace – Another great, original horror movie that was not released in theaters this year was Paul Solet’s Grace.  This movie concerns a woman who is pregnant with her first child when tragedy strikes.  Her husband and unborn child are killed in a car accident.  She is told she should induce labor and deliver the child, but she instead decides to carry it to term, and give birth naturally even though it will be heartbreaking.  When the child, Grace, is born however, she miraculously starts to breathe.  There is something off about the baby though, she attracts flies, and would rather drink blood than milk.   While this movie is disturbing and heartbreaking, it is worth watching if you can stomach it.  Grace is a well-made, well-acted, and original horror film, in a genre in which it is hard to find novel ideas.  I very much enjoyed this film, although it’s one that I would not be able to watch every day.

Before Tom Hanks was Forrest Gump, Jason Alexander was George, and Johnny Depp was Edward Scissorhands, they each had an exciting roll to play in the horror genre.  For many of today’s stars, the horror movie was a stepping stone on the path to fame.  The movies they appeared in were not always the best, but some of them like Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street are now horror staples.

Here is a list of some of today’s Hollywood stars who had an early role in the horror genre!

1. Johnny Depp– In A Nightmare on Elm Street, Johnny Depp plays Glen Lantz, in his first movie appearance, as the boyfriend of the main character, Nancy.  Like his friends, and girlfriend, he too is tormented by Freddy Krueger.  He ends up being sucked into his bed, and only resurfaces as a geyser of blood.  Poor Glen, if only he had listened to Nancy and stayed awake! On second thought, maybe if he hadn’t been wearing that ridiculous cut-off football jersey, he would have survived.

2. Kevin Bacon– Who wears short shorts? Kevin Bacon wears short shorts, in Friday the 13th that is.  He stars as Jack, one of the camp counselors foolishly signing up at Camp Crystal Lake to become a victim of Mrs. Voorhees’ rage.  This wasn’t Kevin Bacon’s first role, as he made his acting debut in Animal House and had a few other small roles in the movies and on television, but it was one of his earliest.  Bacon’s death scene is very grisly, first blood from one of his fellow counselors drips on him, and then he is stabbed through the neck from behind with an arrow.  Ouch! Watch here.

The short shorts make their appearance at about the 7:45 mark!

3. Jason Alexander– George Costanza as a cool, fun-loving, funny, non-bald teenager?  I didn’t think that was possible, but in The Burning Jason Alexander proved me wrong.  This movie not only was the film debut of Mr. Costanza, but also was the film debut of Holly Hunter!  The movie is worth watching not just to catch a glimpse of these actors, but for the entertaining story as well.  Of course the deaths are gruesome, watch here if you dare , and the killer, Cropsy is terrifying also, so that always helps!

4. George Clooney– Oh Mr. Clooney, why don’t you have a mullet anymore?  It was a good look on you!  It at least made Return to Horror High worth watching for about 10 seconds.  That, and also seeing Marcia Brady! This movie was not Mr. Clooney, aka Dr. Ross’s, debut, as he had already appeared in some television shows, and Predator: The Concert (aka Grizzly 2) in which a giant grizzly bear attacks concert goers (I’ll definitely have to see that one if it’s ever released), but it was early in Clooney’s career.  It is not a very good movie, although the premise sounds interesting. It’s about a group of actors who are filming a low-budget horror movie in a high school where some brutal murders took place a few years earlier.  The actors then start getting killed off one by one.  The movie is pretty boring and confusing though, and feels much longer than its 94 minute runtime.  I would recommend it only for George Clooney or Maureen McCormick fanatics.

Look for Maureen McCormick at 2:15 and George Clooney at 4:49!

5. Tom Hanks– Another A-list star in a not so A-list movie.  He Knows You’re Alone is a slasher about a serial killer who stalks and kills girls before their wedding.  It’s not very suspenseful as we see the face of the killer right away.  There is no attempt to disguise who it is, or any mystery surrounding the culprit.  I guess the only thing we are supposed to be surprised at is why he became a killer, but I was not the least bit shocked.  This movie was obviously inspired by Halloween, but while that movie succeeded in being suspenseful and frightening, this movie fell flat.  Its music score was also very much inspired by Halloween.  Watch the trailer to hear it!

Stay tuned for Part 2 coming soon!


Have you ever been watching a horror movie, and thought to yourself, “I wish I could see some dancing right now”?  Yeah, me too!!

Well, look no further because here is a list of some movies that include not only blood and guts, but also DANCING!!

1. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984)

My #1 favorite dance scene in any movie has to be Crispin Glover’s totally 80’s dance from the fourth installment of the Friday the 13th series.  Now this dance makes me wish I was in my teens in the 80’s because you could dance any which way you wanted, and it would still be cool.  Well, on second thought, Jimbo’s friends were looking at him like he was a bit crazy while he was dancing, but still, dancing was so much more relaxed then, and since I can’t dance, I think it would have been the perfect decade to have been a teen in.  According to IMDb trivia, this is the way Crispin Glover actually danced at clubs, so that makes this scene even cooler.  In case you wanted to go out and pick up that track after watching, the song is “Love is a Lie”, by Lion.

2. Prom Night (1980)

Has disco ever been so cool??!!  The scene in Prom Night where Jamie Lee Curtis and her boyfriend dance at the prom is amazing, even more amazing is that it was a serious dance, it was not something making fun of disco.  It reminds me of Ross and Monica’s ultra-choreographed dance number from FriendsWatch here! Now, if this dance sequence does not make you want to go out and by some platform boots, and bell bottoms, or maybe get a perm a la Jamie Lee Curtis, nothing will.

3. Night of the Demons (1988)

As I mentioned in my Halloween post, one of the most memorable parts of this movie is Angela’s (Amelia “Mimi” Kinkade) dance sequence.  To me, it resembles a demonic version of a Flashdance dance sequence. Watch here and here, but instead of 80’s pop music, it is 80’s metal.  According to Wikipedia, Amelia Kinkade choreographed the dance herself, and she was a professional jazz dancer and choreographer.  What is she doing now, you ask?  Well, she is a psychic animal communicator, of course!  Now, in case you’re a huge fan of the song, and want to go out and buy a copy immediately and perform your own demonic dance, the song is Stigmata Martyr by Bauhaus.

4. A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge (1985)

So this is a really short dance scene, with some lip-syncing as well, but it definitely deserves a place on this list.  Now, doesn’t this make cleaning look fun?  I know when I have to put away clothes, I put on some glittery sunglasses and dance around my room, doesn’t everyone?  The question is, where can I get those glasses he was wearing, and more importantly, how can he see with those on?

The song he is singing and dancing to is “Touch me (all night long)” by Wish, featuring Fonda Rae.

5. Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning (1985)

The next dance sequence that needs a place on this list is Violet’s robot dance from the fifth installment of the Friday the 13th series.  Poor Violet, just minding her own business, listening to a song called “His Eyes” by Pseudo Echo, when the killer sneaks into her room and stabs her with a machete.  Couldn’t he have knocked first?  I know if I saw someone doing the robot as awesomely as her, I wouldn’t kill her, I would join in and dance.  I feel like Jason, or in this case- pseudo-Jason, would do a mean robot.  He is already stiff, and emotionless, definite skills when it comes to this type of dance.

That’s all for now, but I’m sure not for long.  Everybody knows that nothing goes together better than death and dance!