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Poor Annie Wilkes.  She only wants to save her favorite author’s life, and help him get back on track with his Misery novels.  I mean, how dare he kill off Misery Chastain, whose exploits give Annie reason to live.  Paul Sheldon should be grateful to her for saving his life, and be happy to write another Misery novel.  Annie is only trying to help!!  Too bad she is a deranged lunatic who has him locked up in a bedroom in her house, and has not alerted the authorities to his whereabouts.  Too bad Paul just isn’t the perfect patient she hoped for, and is trying to escape.  Paul obviously has his hobbling coming to him!  Annie is determined to keep Paul to herself, and she will do whatever she needs to in order to keep him locked up in her house.  If she needs to knock off a few people in the process, she will do that.  She has obviously killed before, and has kept a scrapbook of all her wonderfully demented activities.  One of the most terrifying things about Annie is that sometimes she seems so motherly, and caring, but she can snap in a second and become a crazy maniacal killer.

A piece of advice if you happen to encounter Annie Wilkes.  DO NOT SWEAR.  She doesn’t like it!  If you feel the urge to swear, please use the words “Oogie”, and “Cockadoodie” instead.  This may save your life.

Body Count: Annie’s exact body count in unknown, but it is speculated that she has killed over 70 people!

Weapon of Choice: Annie likes many weapons- especially sledgehammers.  If you are nice to her, she will  also use different types of medicine (pills or injections) that will cause a pain-free death.

Habitat: She now lives in Colorado (or did), but she used to be found primarily in hospitals