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Billy and Stu look like your average high-schoolers, well, maybe ones that have stayed back a few years.  They don’t seem like dangerous guys.  They have lots of friends, are well-liked, both have devoted girlfriends, and they live in a nice, wealthy town, based on the houses we see in the movie!!  Underneath the surface though lurk malice, unstableness, and murderous desires.  Now Billy’s motive is revenge, as he blames Sidney’s mother has for led to the downfall of his family.  He and Stu have already murdered her mother, and now they want to massacre a few others, with the finale being Sidney and her father.  Stu doesn’t have a motive.  He tells Sidney that it’s peer pressure, he’s far too sensitive, and he was dragged into this by Billy.  They both seem to have had a lot of fun planning these murders, coming up with a creative costume, and well thought-out plot.  Adding to the fun is the fact that they have watched a lot of horror movies, and are basing their plan of attack on what happens in the movies.

What makes Billy and Stu so scary is that they are just nice seemingly normal kids.  They could be your next door neighbors.  They are not loners, they don’t dress all in black, they don’t display the average signs of depression, or hostility toward others.  Basically, they don’t fit the mold that the media has laid out for us about what to look for in a psychotic person.  What also makes them scary are the lengths they go to in their plan of massacre.  This is not a crime of passion, but rather a well thought out plot to kill a lot of people, pin the murders on someone else, and then plan a sequel where they can kill more people.  They seem to enjoy being the source of destruction and fear.  They still behave naturally after murders are committed.  Stu is still a constant joker, and they never show any remorse.  The closest either one of them gets to remorse, is when Stu is handed the phone, after they have told Sidney of their plot, and she has escaped, and turned the tables on them.  He then says that his mother and father are going to be so mad at them.  He still doesn’t seem to be sorry about any of the murders though.  And Billy never shows remorse once.  They are psychopaths who seem like well-adjusted youths, and this is terrifying.

Nothing is scarier to me than evil kids.  I suppose it’s due to the fact that we think of children as innocent and cute, and don’t think that a child could be capable of being evil.  If we look beneath the surface though, there could be something malicious lurking.  Just look at the Rabbit of Caerbannog in Monty Python and the Holy Grail!!  Bunnies are supposed to be cute and cuddly and innocent as well, but not this particular bunny- this particular bunny was a murderous monster.  Children can be this way as well.

One of these not-so-innocent kids goes by the name of Samara Morgan, who appeared in The Ring and The Ring 2*.  Many questions surround Samara such as: Was she born evil?  Was she made this way by her parents?  Is she possessed?  Is she a demon?  Some of the questions are explored, especially in the second movie, but we never get a complete explanation, and I feel that this makes Samara even scarier.

Now, Samara loves to drive people insane, and then kill them.  She has some bizarre powers such as the ability to project nightmarish images into people minds and onto videotape.  She states in the first movie that she likes to hurt people, she apologizes like the polite child she is, but she cannot stop the malevolent desire within herself.  She not only likes to kill people, but also horses (so sad!!!).  Both her birth mother, and her adoptive mother, realize her inherent evilness, and both try to kill her.  Her birth mother is stopped, but her adoptive mother succeeds.  Luckily for Samara though (and not so luckily for us), Samara’s power only grows with her death.

Using her crazy powers, she projects some disturbing images onto videotape, and now anyone who watches the videotape is driven insane, and will die seven days later.  Samara has the power to climb through the television, out into the world, and scare people to death.  By the horrible expressions on the people’s faces, it does not look like a painless death either.  Just the sight of her creepy visage would probably scare me to death with her stringy wet hair, rotting pale skin, and jerky movements.

Can Samara be stopped?  It’s unlikely.  At the end of The Ring 2, after Rachel closes the lid of the well, we hope that Samara is now trapped inside, but for a demon child who never sleeps, I don’t think that she would give up so easily.  I think that Sam and Dean Winchester should be called in to do some battle with her.  Salt and burn the body perhaps??!! Sure enough, there are rumors that a third movie is in development, and will release sometime in 2011.

*An earlier incarnation of the Samara character can be found in the Ringu series, and is named Sadako Yamamura.

Poor Annie Wilkes.  She only wants to save her favorite author’s life, and help him get back on track with his Misery novels.  I mean, how dare he kill off Misery Chastain, whose exploits give Annie reason to live.  Paul Sheldon should be grateful to her for saving his life, and be happy to write another Misery novel.  Annie is only trying to help!!  Too bad she is a deranged lunatic who has him locked up in a bedroom in her house, and has not alerted the authorities to his whereabouts.  Too bad Paul just isn’t the perfect patient she hoped for, and is trying to escape.  Paul obviously has his hobbling coming to him!  Annie is determined to keep Paul to herself, and she will do whatever she needs to in order to keep him locked up in her house.  If she needs to knock off a few people in the process, she will do that.  She has obviously killed before, and has kept a scrapbook of all her wonderfully demented activities.  One of the most terrifying things about Annie is that sometimes she seems so motherly, and caring, but she can snap in a second and become a crazy maniacal killer.

A piece of advice if you happen to encounter Annie Wilkes.  DO NOT SWEAR.  She doesn’t like it!  If you feel the urge to swear, please use the words “Oogie”, and “Cockadoodie” instead.  This may save your life.

Body Count: Annie’s exact body count in unknown, but it is speculated that she has killed over 70 people!

Weapon of Choice: Annie likes many weapons- especially sledgehammers.  If you are nice to her, she will  also use different types of medicine (pills or injections) that will cause a pain-free death.

Habitat: She now lives in Colorado (or did), but she used to be found primarily in hospitals

Mrs. Voorhees is one scary lady.  She is hell-bent on revenge due to the drowning of her only son, Jason.  Poor Jason wasn’t like other children, he was special.  He was made fun of, and ignored, and finally may have drowned in Crystal Lake as a child due to the negligence of the camp counselors.  (Or she may just have thought he drowned, depending on your interpretation of the Friday the 13th series.)  Either way, Pamela Voorhees believes that her child is dead, and her actions are completely justified in her mind.     Mrs. Voorhees wasn’t satisfied by killing the original camp counselors. She will kill any camp counselor who steps foot in Camp Crystal Lake.  Ultimately she is just trying to get her justice for Jason’s death.  She sees all these counselors as evil, and negligent, and is doing what she thinks is best, even if she has to resort to homicide.  Her weapon of choice is the machete, and eventually she is killed with her own weapon, but not before getting her revenge on a multitude of camp counselors.  In some ways she is a sympathetic character.  She is not killing just for the sake of killing, but in order to avenge her son’s death.

Body Count: 9

Weapon of Choice: The machete.  She also likes arrows, and axes.

Habitat: Camp Crystal Lake

Monster Monday: Jaws

Posted: January 12, 2010 by Rebecca in Horror Movies, Monster Monday

In which I will highlight a terrifyingly awesome horror movie villain.

Jaws (1975)

Probably the most terrifying of sea-dwelling villains in my opinion, Jaws has no motive, other than wanting to taste human flesh.  He is much larger and more vicious than most other sharks, and rather than staying in his habitat out in the deeper ocean, he has invaded a small island off the coast of New England.  Now because I live in New England, this movie just hits much more close to home, than say, Alien, because I am much more likely to swim in the ocean, than go into space.

Rather than just leaving you alone while you are swimming, or out in a boat, as other sea creatures will do, including sharks for the most part, the Great White in Jaws will go after you, and chase you down if you try to get away.  If you antagonize him and try to go after him, good luck, he will just become more aggressive, and more dangerous, repeatedly ramming your boat.  He won’t even let you sing sea shantys in peace!

Body Count: 5 people and 1 dog

Weapon of Choice: Teeth

Habitat: The ocean, and the waters off of Amity Island