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Posted: October 19, 2009 by Rebecca in About Us, Uncategorized

Greetings, horror movie lovers.
We’re two twenty-something chicks who love a good scare.  In our spare time, we like nothing more than taking in a good, grisly flick…new movies, old movies, A movies, B movies, remakes, book-based…we love ‘em all.  Oh, and the more demented, the better!
We’ve decided to channel our love of the macabre into a blog, for our own entertainment mostly, but we certainly hope others derive some pleasure from it as well!  We’ll review our latest film viewings, include “best of” selections, and various lists.  We certainly don’t claim to be film experts—our blog is merely a sounding board for our opinions and musings, and we like to think our tone is whimsical, witty, and a bit wacky.
We hope you enjoy reading our blog, and we welcome your suggestions for movies to watch.  Check back soon for our next post!

~Rebecca & Emily