Monster Monday: Pamela Voorhees

Posted: January 18, 2010 by Rebecca in Horror Movies, Monster Monday
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Mrs. Voorhees is one scary lady.  She is hell-bent on revenge due to the drowning of her only son, Jason.  Poor Jason wasn’t like other children, he was special.  He was made fun of, and ignored, and finally may have drowned in Crystal Lake as a child due to the negligence of the camp counselors.  (Or she may just have thought he drowned, depending on your interpretation of the Friday the 13th series.)  Either way, Pamela Voorhees believes that her child is dead, and her actions are completely justified in her mind.     Mrs. Voorhees wasn’t satisfied by killing the original camp counselors. She will kill any camp counselor who steps foot in Camp Crystal Lake.  Ultimately she is just trying to get her justice for Jason’s death.  She sees all these counselors as evil, and negligent, and is doing what she thinks is best, even if she has to resort to homicide.  Her weapon of choice is the machete, and eventually she is killed with her own weapon, but not before getting her revenge on a multitude of camp counselors.  In some ways she is a sympathetic character.  She is not killing just for the sake of killing, but in order to avenge her son’s death.

Body Count: 9

Weapon of Choice: The machete.  She also likes arrows, and axes.

Habitat: Camp Crystal Lake


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