I’ve Got the Willies Wednesday: Feet

Posted: January 14, 2010 by Rebecca in I've Got the Willies Wednesday
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I’ve Got the Willies Wednesday

In which I will wax-poetic about some things that give me the willies.


Feet give me the willies.  Why this ordinary body part you ask?  Well, they are a smelly, ugly, gross body part, that’s why.  There is a reason we have socks, and shoes, and that is to cover up our feet (don’t try and argue it’s to protect the soles of our feet- that’s just nonsense!)  When I still lived with my parents, my younger brothers would torture me purposely, knowing how much feet give me the willies.  They would enter my room, take off their stinky socks, sit down on my bed, and pick the toe jam out from between their toes…..intentionally.  No, it wasn’t just to watch TV in my room when my parents had control of the TV downstairs and were watching Russian ballet, it was to disgust me.  I even had to put up a list of rules in my bedroom to try to prevent this monstrosity from occurring.  My rules stated that one was not to EVER remove one’s socks in my room!  The thought of those gross sockless feet on my bed was cringe inducing!  My second rule stated that there was to be no cleaning of feet in my room.  This is even worse than the bare feet.  I did not even want to THINK about the possibility of toe jam being on my bed.  The third rule was that any evidence of their being in my room was to be removed when they left, so that if for some reason socks were removed, or toes picked, or toenails trimmed, all evidence would be gone, so that I could relax in my room in blissful ignorance.  Animal feet, however, especially puppy feet can be an exception to the rule, unless said animal has walked through their own excrement, or someone else’s.

  1. Jeremy says:

    well done.

  2. Brookie says:

    I totally agree. My dad AND my little sister do that. 😦 It’s sickening!

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