Monster Monday: Jaws

Posted: January 12, 2010 by Rebecca in Horror Movies, Monster Monday

In which I will highlight a terrifyingly awesome horror movie villain.

Jaws (1975)

Probably the most terrifying of sea-dwelling villains in my opinion, Jaws has no motive, other than wanting to taste human flesh.  He is much larger and more vicious than most other sharks, and rather than staying in his habitat out in the deeper ocean, he has invaded a small island off the coast of New England.  Now because I live in New England, this movie just hits much more close to home, than say, Alien, because I am much more likely to swim in the ocean, than go into space.

Rather than just leaving you alone while you are swimming, or out in a boat, as other sea creatures will do, including sharks for the most part, the Great White in Jaws will go after you, and chase you down if you try to get away.  If you antagonize him and try to go after him, good luck, he will just become more aggressive, and more dangerous, repeatedly ramming your boat.  He won’t even let you sing sea shantys in peace!

Body Count: 5 people and 1 dog

Weapon of Choice: Teeth

Habitat: The ocean, and the waters off of Amity Island

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