Saturday Snapshots: Week of 1/3/10

Posted: January 10, 2010 by Rebecca in Horror Movies, Saturday Snapshots
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Well, it’s a day late, but this is a new feature I hope to have up on Saturdays, highlighting some of the scariest, funniest, or most memorable moments of movies I watched during the week in a series of screenshots.

Black Sabbath

Little kids are so creepy!

Why don't we hang decapitated heads outside our houses any more?

Super creepy dolls

More dolls!

and more......Why so many dolls?

The Craft

Is this John Bender's locker?

Neve, give Skeet his grease back!

Yay, we killed a man!

Indiana Jones would not be happy

Remind me never to cross Rochelle!



Why does she have this program, and more importantly, did she have a killer in the house before?

I wasn't aware Dunkin' Donuts delivered to California

Did Kevin McCalister booby trap this house?


I wonder if Scream holds the record for the amount of times a phone is used as a weapon in a movie

Yummm, cheetos!

  1. Jeremy says:

    the scream villains are no match for Kevin J. Mccallister, in fact I can’t name any villain who would fare well with him in a match of wits.

    • rebemily09 says:

      I completely agree! No villain would be able to outsmart his booby traps! They also probably would not be as brutal or creative as him. I mean, would our villain take the time to plan out such an elaborate plan of action? I doubt that even Jigsaw could outsmart Kevin McCallister!

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