Wait…Is that who I think it is? Part 2

Posted: December 9, 2009 by Rebecca in Horror Movies, Lists
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Well, here’s part 2 of my series devoted to actors who began their career in the horror genre, or had an early role in their career in this genre.


1. Brooke Shields– In Alice, Sweet Alice (aka Communion), Ms. Shields appeared in her first movie role as the “perfect” sister of a potentially homicidal, definitely disturbed girl named Alice.  She is the first murder victim in this movie, dying right before her first communion.  This movie was very well made, deeply unsettling, and has one of the most terrifying costumes I have seen on a killer.  If you’ve seen Don’t Look Now you’ll see a lot of inspiration was drawn from that movie.  I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to figure out how a simple plastic mask with some painted on makeup can be so creepy, but just take a look at the following clip and you’ll see for yourself.  The masks that are worn in this movie are the stuff of nightmares.  I actually bought one myself this Halloween for about $3, but then refrained from wearing it so that the very few Trick or Treaters that came to my door would not be frightened away.  Anyway…I very much enjoyed this movie, and was engaged throughout the entire film trying to figure out whether or not Alice was the killer.

2. Patricia Arquette– In A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors Patricia Arquette made her acting debut.  This is definitely my favorite sequel in the Nightmare on Elm Street series!  Arquette stars as Kristin Parker, a girl who has the ability to pull others into her dreams.  She and her fellow sleep-deprived peers decide that they will take on Freddy Krueger in their dreams, as they all can create special dream powers to defeat him.  Nancy returns as a sleeping disorder specialist, and gets another chance to take on Freddy.  This movie has a fun story line, and some awesome death scenes, my favorite of which in the whole series is the marionette death .  It also has the requisite 80’s punk girl, whose dream power is being “bad and beautiful”, in which her definition of beautiful is having a foot-high Mohawk.   Awesome!

3. Breckin Meyer– Another actor who got his start in the Nightmare on Elm Street series was Breckin Meyer, who starred as a stoner (surprise, surprise) in Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare, which was the 6th part in this series.  In this installment, the last surviving child in the town of Springwood is used by Freddy to bring him more victims, including his daughter!!!!  This movie is filled with cameos- Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, and Roseanne and Tom Arnold all make appearances!  The deaths in this film are a bit cheesy, especially Breckin Meyer’s death scene .  I also thought it was pretty laughable how the 3-D glasses were introduced, and are supposedly so amazingly powerful when you use them in a dream.  They appear at about 3:05 in the clip.  Watch here! I ought to try that myself.

4. Paul Rudd In Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, Paul Rudd appears as a very creepy, grown-up, Tommy Doyle (you know, the one Jamie Lee Curtis babysat in the original Halloween), who, since his brush with death, has become obsessed with Michael Myers, and his connection to the occult.  Yes, this very weak entry into the series continues with the mysterious man who freed Michael from jail, his connection to some occultists who made him the killer he is, and Jamie Lloyd’s child, who is apparently to be the next incarnation of Michael Myers once the occultists get their hands on the baby.  This entry is overly convoluted, and filled with crazy conspiracies.  Also, Paul Rudd’s acting was pretty poor, possibly due to the poor script.  Anyway, he is definitely doing well for himself now, and thankfully, the next entry in the series, Halloween H2O, returned to its roots and rid itself of the whole cult thingamajig.

Watch for Mr. Rudd around 3:35

5. Danielle Harris– Playing the orphaned daughter of Laurie Strode, Danielle Harris is Michael Myer’s prime target in the 4th and 5th installments of the Halloween series- The Return of Michael Myers and The Revenge of Michael Myers. She has some kind of psychic connection to Michael, and when the 4th movie ends, we think she may become the reincarnation of Michael, perhaps headed down the same path that he began on when he murdered his sister.  When the 5th one begins however, we see that she has not become evil, she has just been shocked into speechlessness.  Dr. Loomis is his crazy, Myers-obsessed self, who is perhaps a bit harsh with Harris in his attempt to find Michael, and rid the world of him for good.  Since then, Ms. Harris  has appeared in a number of television shows and movies, among them horror films such as Urban Legend as the Goth roommate of main character Natalie, as well as the recent Ron Zombie Halloween reincarnations of the Halloween series.  It is also rumored that she will be in the upcoming sequel to Hatchet, which I am quite excited about as Hatchet is one of my favorite recent slasher films.

Stay tuned for part 3…coming soon!


  1. […] Leave a Comment tweetcount_url='http://www.mediumdreams.com/2009/12/a-trip-down-memory-lane-patricia-arquettes-screen-debut/'; tweetcount_title='A Trip Down Memory Lane – Patricia Arquette's screen debut';tweetcount_cnt=1;tweetcount_src='RT @mediumdreams:';tweetcount_via=false;tweetcount_background='';tweetcount_border='';tweetcount_text='';tweetcount_api_key='dcd0cbf084952aa806a7103c2609645942026abc5194e9819c425abe9a39da8d';As many of you know, Medium isn’t the first time Patricia Arquette has been plagued by bad dreams onscreen. She made her feature fim debut in 1987’s A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. I came across a great clip of Arquette starring as Kristen Parker on the blog, Scared Shirtless. […]

  2. The Patastic Adventures of Sinbad says:

    Christmas coming up. What’s in store for your Christmas article?


    Tom Savini in From Dusk Till Dawn. I know his career was already past his peak at this point, but I think it may be the start of his acting career.

    • rebemily09 says:

      Tom Savini- special effects maestro, was actually in several films prior to From Dusk Till Dawn, although many of them were bit parts. He appears in George A. Romero’s Martin, Dawn of the Dead and Knightriders. He also made appearances in Creepshow and Creepshow 2, and a few other flicks as well, many of which I haven’t yet seen, but definately plan to!

  3. The Patastic Adventures of Sinbad says:


    Mr. Brady, called Robert Reed by some, in “Bloodlust!”

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  5. The Patastic Adventures of Sinbad says:

    Em, How did you miss Jennifer Aniston in Leprechaun? Finding her there amazed me.

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