Wait…Is that who I think it is? Part 1

Posted: December 8, 2009 by Rebecca in Horror Movies, Lists
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Before Tom Hanks was Forrest Gump, Jason Alexander was George, and Johnny Depp was Edward Scissorhands, they each had an exciting roll to play in the horror genre.  For many of today’s stars, the horror movie was a stepping stone on the path to fame.  The movies they appeared in were not always the best, but some of them like Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street are now horror staples.

Here is a list of some of today’s Hollywood stars who had an early role in the horror genre!

1. Johnny Depp– In A Nightmare on Elm Street, Johnny Depp plays Glen Lantz, in his first movie appearance, as the boyfriend of the main character, Nancy.  Like his friends, and girlfriend, he too is tormented by Freddy Krueger.  He ends up being sucked into his bed, and only resurfaces as a geyser of blood.  Poor Glen, if only he had listened to Nancy and stayed awake! On second thought, maybe if he hadn’t been wearing that ridiculous cut-off football jersey, he would have survived.

2. Kevin Bacon– Who wears short shorts? Kevin Bacon wears short shorts, in Friday the 13th that is.  He stars as Jack, one of the camp counselors foolishly signing up at Camp Crystal Lake to become a victim of Mrs. Voorhees’ rage.  This wasn’t Kevin Bacon’s first role, as he made his acting debut in Animal House and had a few other small roles in the movies and on television, but it was one of his earliest.  Bacon’s death scene is very grisly, first blood from one of his fellow counselors drips on him, and then he is stabbed through the neck from behind with an arrow.  Ouch! Watch here.

The short shorts make their appearance at about the 7:45 mark!

3. Jason Alexander– George Costanza as a cool, fun-loving, funny, non-bald teenager?  I didn’t think that was possible, but in The Burning Jason Alexander proved me wrong.  This movie not only was the film debut of Mr. Costanza, but also was the film debut of Holly Hunter!  The movie is worth watching not just to catch a glimpse of these actors, but for the entertaining story as well.  Of course the deaths are gruesome, watch here if you dare , and the killer, Cropsy is terrifying also, so that always helps!

4. George Clooney– Oh Mr. Clooney, why don’t you have a mullet anymore?  It was a good look on you!  It at least made Return to Horror High worth watching for about 10 seconds.  That, and also seeing Marcia Brady! This movie was not Mr. Clooney, aka Dr. Ross’s, debut, as he had already appeared in some television shows, and Predator: The Concert (aka Grizzly 2) in which a giant grizzly bear attacks concert goers (I’ll definitely have to see that one if it’s ever released), but it was early in Clooney’s career.  It is not a very good movie, although the premise sounds interesting. It’s about a group of actors who are filming a low-budget horror movie in a high school where some brutal murders took place a few years earlier.  The actors then start getting killed off one by one.  The movie is pretty boring and confusing though, and feels much longer than its 94 minute runtime.  I would recommend it only for George Clooney or Maureen McCormick fanatics.

Look for Maureen McCormick at 2:15 and George Clooney at 4:49!

5. Tom Hanks– Another A-list star in a not so A-list movie.  He Knows You’re Alone is a slasher about a serial killer who stalks and kills girls before their wedding.  It’s not very suspenseful as we see the face of the killer right away.  There is no attempt to disguise who it is, or any mystery surrounding the culprit.  I guess the only thing we are supposed to be surprised at is why he became a killer, but I was not the least bit shocked.  This movie was obviously inspired by Halloween, but while that movie succeeded in being suspenseful and frightening, this movie fell flat.  Its music score was also very much inspired by Halloween.  Watch the trailer to hear it!

Stay tuned for Part 2 coming soon!


  1. The Patastic Adventures of Sinbad says:

    George Clooney then could be the Last Man, who saves the Surviver Girl tragically with he own life. Jason Alexander now could be a Loomis. Tom Hanks and Kevin Bacon then now and forever could only be body count. Johnny Depp is the only one who I could see as a killer. Like, a charming killer. Like a vampire, or Hannibal Lector, or Leslie Vernon. Don’t you think he’s dreamy?

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